Here are some older animations done for my previous employer.

This is a series of animations done for the Garfield slot machine. Both Garfield and Odie were fully rigged and used throughout the game.

Here is some footage of the Garfield slot machine in action.

This was an animation done for one of the many Popeye slot machines I’ve worked on over the years. This features The Sea Hag, it includes lighting and special effects.

This animation of Wimpy from Popeye was fun because I got to match-move his mouth to his famous phrase.

Featuring Popeye, Brutus and a cannon this was a series of animations done for another Popeye slot machine.

Popeye walking on the sea-floor opening giant golden clams. Over the years I was able to create 3d models and animations for almost the entire cast of Popeye.

Old bonus transition animation with a hair and cloth simulation for The Jungle Book slot machine.

This is the footage and match-moved animation used to generate the final render.

More coming soon…