3D animation has been a passion of mine for many years. Lucky for me, I get to do it on a regular basis!

I’m just starting to upload some of my work, so check back some of the cool stuff I’ve done over the years; here is just a tiny sample.


Here are a turn-tables of Garfield and Oide from the Garfield Slot Machine, as well as a test animation. Characters created and rendered in Maya.


I think I’ve modeled/animated every major character in Popeye over the past 10 years.

Here are a few clips featuring Popeye, Brutus, the Sea Hag and Wimpy. All characters created and rendered in Maya.

The Jungle Book

This project required more 3D than most, as it needed an Indian Elephant that could run up the reels, as well as a 3D Mogli to act as a bonus transition. The elephant was modeled in Maya, brought into ZBrush for the high-res mesh, and painted in Mud Box.

Mogli was done in a similar fashion, but he also had a hair simulation using the Shave and a Haircut Maya plugin, as well as a cloth sim. He was animated by matchmoving footage I shot of one of my artists acting out his movements.


More coming soon…